Blackboard 9.1: Exporting my course

How do I “Export” my course?

“Exporting” your course is a very effective way of retain the materials you used for your course. Exporting your course will capture some student activity. For example ” Exporting” a course will rename the student authors in  the discussion boards to “Anonymous,” but “Archiving” will retain the student names. Also, Exporting a course will not download the GradeCenter. That is a separate process.  The VCCS backs up the Blackboard server regularly to allow restoration of all courses in the event of a catastrophic failure. If needed and depending on the time frame, Faculty can request an archived to be restored.

How to Export a copy of your course

  1. In the Control Panel area, click on Packages and Utilities.
  2. Click on Export/Archive Course.
  3. Click Export for a copy of all course materials (except students).
  4. Do not change the default settings for Option 2 “File Attachments.”


5.  Select  all areas to be included in Option 3 “Select Course Materials.”


6. You will receive an email message stating that the process has been   completed.

7. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to access the .zip file. Click on the file and save it to your desktop. Then copy the .zip package to a safe place such as a CD. Do not select the option to automatically open the .zip file. Only a Blackboard system  administrator can restore the data from your archive.



The “Archive” is no longer functional for faculty even though the option is still visible.


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