Blackboard 9.1: Download Gradecenter SpreadSheet

In Blackboard, the Gradebook for each course can be downloaded, edited in a spreadsheet program, and uploaded with the new information. Note: For best results, Instructors should manipulate and upload a Gradebook that has been downloaded from the Blackboard Learning System. It is not advised that Instructors create a new Gradebook from scratch then upload it.







1. Enter your course
2. Scroll down until Control Panel area is visible on the left-hand side
3. Click on Grade Center
4. Select Full GradeCenter
5. Move the  mouse to the Work Offline drop down menu on the right-hand side
6. Click on Download
7. Click Submit (Do not change the defaulted selections.)
8. Click the Download button.
9. When the Save As dialogue box opens, click the Save button to finish downloading your grade book.

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