How to self-enroll in Blackboard Organizations

Blackboard has the ability to allow members to self-enroll into organizations. The following are the video and Step-by-Step process:

Step-by-Step process to “Self-Enroll” in a Blackboard Organization:

  1. Click on  the “Add Module“button
  2. Navigate to page 2  to  find “Organization Catalog”  (Even though Organization Catalog is a link, it just  opens a list  of folder links that do not go anywhere.)
  3. Select the “Add” button and click on “ok” in the bottom left-hand corner (You should be brought back to the Blackboard Homepage.)
  4. Find the  module labeled “Organization Catalog” and Click on the “Thomas Nelson” folder
  5. Navigate to the desired organization or perform a search to filter the list, and move the mouse to the right of the organization  name so that the chevron appears
  6. click on the  chevron  and select “enroll

Video Demonstration


  • You can search for organizations in the search field. The best way to search is either by name or the leader(s) of the organization. For example, if  a search was performed to find organization names based on “faculty,”  then all of the organizations  containing the name “faculty” will be displayed.
  • You will be immediately enrolled into the organization as a participant, or an email notification will be sent to the leaders of the org of your enrollment request.  The enrollment confirmation process depends on which option the leaders of the org selected.


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