Reported Issues for Blackboard 9.1

May 22, 2013

Known Issue #1 – Keystroke for Copy & Paste

  • Problem – The web browser displays  a message stating the keyboard stroke to paste text into the content editor is  “Ctrl + C.” 
  • Solution – The actual keyboard stroke is “Ctrl + V” or for Mac “Command + V”

Known Issue #2 – Embed code from YouTube

  • Problem – Using the previous technique of embedding YouTube videos into the content editor produces a black screen within the content area.
  • Solution – Select both “Use old embed code” and “Use HTTPS” to produce the correct code needed to paste into the Blackboard content editor. 

 Feb 7, 2013

Problem: Unable to launch All Java based applications in Mac OS X running Java 6 including:

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing
Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring
Elluminate Live!
Wimba Classroom


  • Users running Java version 6 or Java version 7 update 11 and below:

Users should update their Java version to the latest version of Java 7 available at From the website, install Java 7 update 13

  • Users running Mac OS 10.7.2 or lower:

Users can install a Java release provided by Apple. From the Apple menu, select Software Update? When prompted, install Java Update 12 (1.6.0_39).

Additional Notes: After installing the most recent Java updates, we have identified issues with Web Conferencing closing properly. We are currently investigating this issue. If users are unable to exit properly from Web Conferencing sessions, they should force quit their application. See article 2788 for more information.

Oct 22, 2012

  • The Grading option for  Blackboard Collaborate is currently  not working. Blackboard is investigating the situation.

Oct 2, 2012

  • Recently Apple has released iOS 6 for their mobile devices. This upgrade also updated the Safari web browser. The updated Safari browser has known compatibility issues with Blackboard. Blackboard Mobile is still working. Students should utilize other web browser apps such as Chrome and Dolphin. Blackboard has been notified of the situation, and hopefully it will be resolved very soon.

Aug 20, 2012

  • “Tools” menu item

Problem: Certain tool links are not visible in the “Tools” area

Solution: Turn off and turn back on the missing tool in the  “Tool Availability” area under “Customization” in the “Control Panel.”

  • Safe Assignment Synchronization

Problem: Safe Assignments redirect back to Blackboard homepage

Solution: If you click on “Safe Assignment” under “Course Tools,” then you will see the message similar to this “This course is out of sync with Safe Assign…..” There should be a button to press to sync your course. An alternate route is to attempt to edit one of your Safe Assignments and Bb will begin the syncing process.

 Aug 15, 2012

  • Send Email

Problem:  The “All Student Users” is not visible when clicking on “Send Email” in the  “Tools” menu item.

Solution: Go to the  Control Panel and select “Tool Availability.” Then click on the chevron next to “Email” and select “Email Settings.” Place a check for “All Student Users” (You may place a check for other options as well.) then click submit.

July 31, 2012

  • Recorded Bb Collaborate sessions & Course Copy (Update) – When copying courses into the next semester, the recorded Bb Collaborate sessions can not be access by the students in the destination course. Faculty will have to use a software by Bb Collaborate called Elluminate Publish! or place a link to the recorded session within a content area.

 June 28, 2012

  • Adding images to test questions – The test canvas in Bb9.1 does not have the option to add images from the Content Collection except for the “Hot Spot” question type. All of other question types only you to browse the local computer for images.
  • Course/Organization Builder roles – The course/organization builder roles do not have access to the Grade Center and Manage Users features of Blackboard. The thinking is individuals assigned to this role would not need to add/manage users and evaluate students. The purpose of the builder role is to build  the course and/or organization.


 June 12, 2012

  • Needs Grading & Test Time Limits – In the Control Panel under the Grade Center, there is new feature called “Needs Grading.” This feature presents all of the items  deployed in  Blackboard that needs to be graded such as Assignments, Discussion Boards, and etc.  The issue  is when you enter a grade manually first into the Grade Center for a test/quiz that needs to graded by you because the student has passed the time limit. Blackboard is still looking to record in the grade history what it scored on the student’s test. So, the best thing to do is submit the initial score, and then change the score.
  • Test Time Limits – Blackboard9.1 provides the initial score when a student passes the time limit for an assessment, but it is under a drop – down menu at the top of the attempt. By clicking on the chevron next to “Test Information” will  open the needed information.
  • Recorded Bb Collaborate Sessions –  The recorded Bb Collaborate sessions may not be able to be viewed when they copied over into a new course. Faculty can download the recordings through a software called Elluminate Publish. The software is available at this link,!/?id=357.

May 30, 2012

  • Logging in with your student account – Since the upgrade to 9.1, Internet Explorer 9 and FireFox 12 have been producing consistent behavior when logging into Blackboard as a student. The current remedy is to clear your web browser cache. Click this link How to clear cache?

May 22, 2012

  • Tools vs Communication menu item – Faculty are seeing two menu items, Tools and Communication, which contain the same links. One can be deleted, but hiding the links to features that being used such as DiscussionBoards will disable the feature for students.
  • Multiple File/Folder upload is unavailable – This feature is not available due to it requires SSL and webdav.  The SSL requirement creates a performance issue that the VCCS is working on resolving. For right now, faculty should use a .zip file for uploading multiple files. Faculty will have to select the “Upload package’ function instead of the “Upload File.”
  • Changing possible points for Discussion Board – The possibles points for Discussion Boards cannot be changed on the fly. Faculty have to disable the grading option, change the points possible, then re-enable grading the forum/threads.
  • Test Options –  There is no indication whether the student submitted answer is correct or not when the “Submitted Answers” is the only feedback option selected.

May 15, 2012

  • Unable to enroll users – Faculty cannot enroll students into courses shells. Yet, Faculty can still enroll other users into their courses and enroll students into organization shells that they are leaders. Click this link How to enroll users in my course.
  • HTML code – Nesting HTML code is working inconsistently in Course Titles.
  • Respondus Lock Down Browser – Students and labs will need to down load the latest version, or higher.  Students can access the link in Blackboard under the Learn tabb.

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